You did good, Banditapple

This was a fine pocket notebook from Banditapple that I got as part of their trial program.

  <img src="/squarespace_images/static_50366401e4b09af678ef0597_50366401e4b09af678ef05ac_54b82cffe4b04c160a26d5e3_1421356292534_image.jpg_" alt="">

It’s a little big, even for my massive 6’4″ self, but it held up in the front right pocket of my 501s for half a year.

The paper felt great on my TWSBI 580EF and Kaweco Sport F. Very little ghosting, if any. The stitched binding held together great.

  <img src="/squarespace_images/static_50366401e4b09af678ef0597_50366401e4b09af678ef05ac_54b82e17e4b0ac034b1b2028_1421356595170_image.jpg_" alt="">

I don’t think I’ll be ordering another one. It’s too big. I’ve replaced it with a Field Notes Pitch Black, which is much worse, but a better size.

I have a Midori notebook from my Midori Passport, but I’m afraid I’ll accidentally swallow it.