See it on the App Store. An app designed for children to learn to read and spell. I worked with Theodore Swartz, the co-founder of The Bronx Charter School for Better Learning, who wrote the initial design notes based on the works of Caleb Gattegno’s Words In Color curriculum and materials. Hundreds of elementary school students use iReadBetter every week to help them learn to read and spell.

I designed and mocked up the screens and icon, found and reached out to BendyWorks, who initially built the app following our design with a wonderful back and forth through daily meetings. I finally built and shepherded the whole package through the App Store. In the process I learned and used Ionic, Angular, and Cordova, which I use to maintain and update the app.

More recently, I designed and programmed the Gap Game and Transformation Game modules.

iReadBetter - Jordan T. Thevenow-Harrison