Illustration by mowindows.

I’m Jordan T. Thevenow-Harrison. I have a PhD in learning science from the University of Wisconsin—Madison. I design and produce educational technology, design learning experiments, analyze data, and explain the results, write, and take pictures in the woods. I live in Albany, New York with my wife and three large cats.

I’m available to hire for consulting projects that focus on learning and technology. Get in touch. Or read my CV.

I designed iReadBetter based on materials in Caleb Gattegno’s Words In Color curriculum for the Bronx Charter School for Better Learning. I also produced and maintain iSpellBetter, a fun and clever game for learning spelling, and consulted on iCountBetter, for helping kids learn and improve counting and a sense of number.

I wrote this paper about children’s learning and inferences, and helped write this paper about the types of inferences we make and how they develop in children and adults.

My dissertation is about how people learn things unrelated to what they’re doing, and how structuring that “incidental” stuff can change what they learn and how they use it later. It was my attempt at formalizing what happens in discovery learning, but within supervised classification, one of the oldest kinds of learning experiment setups in psychology.

- Jordan T. Thevenow-Harrison